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References (13)

References published this year, ordered by earliest, online or print, publication date.

  1. Initial-Condition Dependence and Initial-Condition Uncertainty in Climate Science. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 2019 Werndl, Charlotte

    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty, Theoretical foundations

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    An outline of predictions and projections in climate science through the lens of initial-condition dependence and initial-condition uncertainty. During the discussion of uncertainty, Werndl outlines two types which had not been discussed to much extent in the philosophical community. This new insight leads to many conclusions throughout the entirety of the paper.

  2. Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against. Nature. 2019 Lenton, Timothy M., Rockström, Johan, Gaffney, Owen, Rahmstorf, Stefan, Richardson, Katherine, Steffen, Will, Schellnhuber, Hans Joachim

    Abrupt changes & tipping points

  3. Explicating Objectual Understanding: Taking Degrees Seriously. Journal for General Philosophy of Science. 2019 Baumberger, Christoph

    Understanding & explanation

  4. Incorporating User Values into Climate Services. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 2019 Parker, Wendy S., Lusk, Greg

    Adaptation, Reliability & uncertainty, Values

  5. Numerical Bifurcation Methods applied to Climate Models: Analysis beyond Simulation. 2019 Dijkstra, Henk A.

    Abrupt changes & tipping points

  6. Climate Models: How to Assess Their Reliability. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science. 2019 Carrier, Martin, Lenhard, Johannes

    Confirmation & evaluation, Confirmational holism, Robustness

  7. Visualizing Natural Environments from Data in Virtual Reality: Combining Realism and Uncertainty. 2019 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR). 2019 Huang, Jiawei, Lucash, Melissa S., Simpson, Mark B., Helgeson, Casey, Klippel, Alexander

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  9. An antidote for hawkmoths: on the prevalence of structural chaos in non-linear modeling. European Journal for Philosophy of Science. 2019 Nabergall, Lukas, Navas, Alejandro, Winsberg, Eric

    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

  10. Establishing causation in climate litigation: admissibility and reliability. Climatic Change. 2019 Pfrommer, Tobias, Goeschl, Timo, Proelss, Alexander, Carrier, Martin, Lenhard, Johannes, Martin, Henrike, Niemeier, Ulrike, Schmidt, Hauke

    Attribution, Extreme events, Reliability & uncertainty

  11. What Types of Values Enter Simulation Validation and What Are Their Roles? Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications. 2019 Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude, Baumberger, Christoph

    Confirmation & evaluation

  12. Uncertainty Quantification Using Multiple Models—Prospects and Challenges. Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications. 2019 Knutti, Reto, Baumberger, Christoph, Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude

    Ensemble methods, Reliability & uncertainty

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