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Subjects » Predictions and projections

Parent Theoretical foundations

References (4)

The subject ‘Predictions and projections’ is applied to these references.

  1. Climate Model Confirmation: From Philosophy to Predicting Climate in the Real World. Climate Modelling. 2018 Knutti, Reto

    Confirmation & evaluation, Predictions and projections

  2. Objectivity and a comparison of methodological scenario approaches for climate change research. Synthese. 2013 Lloyd, Elisabeth A., Schweizer, Vanessa J.

    Predictions and projections

  3. Values and Uncertainties in the Predictions of Global Climate Models. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. 2012 Winsberg, Eric

    Predictions and projections, Reliability & uncertainty, Values

  4. Mapping model agreement on future climate projections. Geophysical Research Letters. 2011 Tebaldi, Claudia, Arblaster, Julie M., Knutti, Reto

    Ensemble methods, Predictions and projections, Reliability & uncertainty, Robustness