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References (6)

These references are contained in ‘Nature Climate Change’.

  1. The value of values in climate science. Nature Climate Change. 2022 Pulkkinen, Karoliina, Undorf, Sabine, Bender, Frida, Wikman-Svahn, Per, Doblas-Reyes, Francisco, Flynn, Clare, Hegerl, Gabriele C., Jönsson, Aiden, Leung, Gah-Kai, Roussos, Joe, Shepherd, Theodore G., Thompson, Erica

    Value-free ideal, Values

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    One of the first papers outside the philosophy of science literature explicitly acknowledging the role of non-epistemic values in climate science and climate modelling.

  2. Applying big data beyond small problems in climate research. Nature Climate Change. 2019 Knüsel, Benedikt, Zumwald, Marius, Baumberger, Christoph, Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude, Fischer, Erich M., Bresch, David N., Knutti, Reto


  3. Risk of multiple interacting tipping points should encourage rapid CO2 emission reduction. Nature Climate Change. 2016 Cai, Yongyang, Lenton, Timothy M., Lontzek, Thomas S.

    Abrupt changes & tipping points

  4. Stochastic integrated assessment of climate tipping points indicates the need for strict climate policy. Nature Climate Change. 2015 Lontzek, Thomas S., Cai, Yongyang, Judd, Kenneth L., Lenton, Timothy M.

    Abrupt changes & tipping points

  5. Going back to basics. Nature Climate Change. 2014 Jakob, Christian

    Confirmation & evaluation, Hawkmoth effect, Theoretical foundations

  6. Robustness and uncertainties in the new CMIP5 climate model projections. Nature Climate Change. 2012 Knutti, Reto, Sedláček, Jan

    Ensemble methods, Reliability & uncertainty, Robustness