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References (12)

The subject ‘Earth System Science’ is applied to these references.

  1. Climate tipping points and expert judgment. WIREs Climate Change. 2022 Lam, Vincent, Majszak, Mason M.

    Abrupt changes & tipping points, Earth System Science, Expert judgement, Values

  2. Taxonomies for structuring models for World–Earth systems analysis of the Anthropocene: subsystems, their interactions and social–ecological feedback loops. 2021 Donges, Jonathan F., Lucht, Wolfgang, Cornell, Sarah E., Heitzig, Jobst, Barfuss, Wolfram, Lade, Steven J., Schlüter, Maja

    Anthropocene, Earth System Science

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    Anthropocene, Earth System Science, Social Epistemologies

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    Climate & climate change, Earth System Science, Predictions and projections

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    Earth System Science

  6. Philosophical Perspectives on Earth System Modeling: Truth, Adequacy, and Understanding. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 2020 Gramelsberger, G., Lenhard, J., Parker, W.S.

    Adequacy-for-purpose, Earth System Science

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    Climate & climate change, Earth System Science, Predictions and projections

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    Abrupt changes & tipping points, Anthropocene, Earth System Science

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    Anthropocene, Earth System Science

  10. Cultures of Prediction in Atmospheric and Climate Science. 2017

    Climate & climate change, Earth System Science, Predictions and projections, Value-free ideal, Values

  11. How earth science has become a social science. Historical Social Research. 2015 Oreskes, Naomi

    Earth System Science, Social Epistemologies, Values

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    ESS as social science

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    Anthropocene, Earth System Science