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The subject ‘Climate-policy’ is applied to these references.

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    Climate-policy, Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

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    Climate-policy, Geoengineering

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    Climate-policy, Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

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    Climate-policy, Cost-benefit analysis

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    Adaptation, Climate-policy

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    Climate-policy, Social Tipping Points


    Climate & climate change, Climate-policy

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    Adaptation, Carbon Dioxyde Removal (CDR), Climate-policy, Geoengineering, Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Values

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    Carbon Dioxyde Removal (CDR), Climate-policy, Geoengineering

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    Climate change communication, Climate-policy

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    Climate-policy, IPCC, Social Epistemologies

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    Climate-policy, Social Epistemologies

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    Climate-policy, Data, Social Epistemologies

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    Adaptation, Attribution, Climate-policy, Decision-making, Extreme events

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    Adequacy-for-purpose, Climate-policy, Decision-making, Value-free ideal

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    Climate & climate change, Climate-policy

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    Adaptation, Climate-policy

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    Climate-policy, Decision-making, Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

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    Adaptation, Adaptation, Climate-policy, Probability & possibility

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    Climate-policy, Communication of uncertainties

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    Carbon Dioxyde Removal (CDR), Climate-policy, IPCC