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Subjects » Theoretical foundations

Conceptual issues in the foundations of climate science and climate modelling, for instance concerning the very definitions of key notions.

References (7)

The subject ‘Theoretical foundations’ is applied to these references.

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    Hawkmoth effect, Structural stability, Theoretical foundations

  2. Initial-Condition Dependence and Initial-Condition Uncertainty in Climate Science. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 2019 Werndl, Charlotte

    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty, Theoretical foundations

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    An outline of predictions and projections in climate science through the lens of initial-condition dependence and initial-condition uncertainty. During the discussion of uncertainty, Werndl outlines two types which had not been discussed to much extent in the philosophical community. This new insight leads to many conclusions throughout the entirety of the paper.

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    Climate & climate change, Theoretical foundations, Variability

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    Theoretical foundations, Variability

  5. On Defining Climate and Climate Change. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 2016 Werndl, Charlotte

    Climate & climate change, Theoretical foundations

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    An outline of the ongoing debate regarding how to properly provide a definition of climate and climate change. Werndl first systematizes the debate by providing five desiderata that a proper definition of climate should follow. Ultimately, a number of candidates for a definition are discussed and Werndl argues that a definition focusing on a distribution over time for regimes of varying external conditions is the most promising as it meets all five desiderata.

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    Confirmation & evaluation, Hawkmoth effect, Theoretical foundations

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    Hawkmoth effect, Theoretical foundations