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References (27)

These references are contained in ‘Philosophy of Science’.

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    Communication of uncertainties, Probability & possibility, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Data, Datasets, Machine Learning, Regional climate modelling

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    Calibration/tuning, Machine Learning, Parameterization

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    Decision-making, Ensemble methods

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    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Reliability & uncertainty, Values

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    Value-free ideal, Values

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    Adequacy-for-purpose, Confirmation & evaluation

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    Confirmation & evaluation, Confirmational holism

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    Communication of uncertainties, Decision-making, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

  14. The Diversity of Model Tuning Practices in Climate Science. Philosophy of Science. 2016 Steele, Katie, Werndl, Charlotte

    Confirmation & evaluation, Confirmational holism

    Full textCitesCited by

    A discussion of what is dubbed the “intuitive position” of calibration and confirmation of climate models. In short, this position states, the tuning of a model directly influences the evaluation of said model, as a result the values used to tune the model cannot be used in the model’s evaluation. Steele and Werndl focus on the diversity of formal calibration methods and how the different perspectives relate to the intuitive position.

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    Expert judgement, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Inductive risk, Values

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    Hawkmoth effect

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    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Data, Values

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    Decision-making, Values

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    Confirmation & evaluation, Ensemble methods, Robustness, Values

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    Confirmation & evaluation, Robustness

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    Communication of uncertainties, Decision-making, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Attribution, Confirmation & evaluation, Fingerprint studies

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    Ensemble methods, Probability & possibility, Reliability & uncertainty