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Persons » Corey Dethier

References (4)

The person ‘Corey Dethier’ is mentioned in author or editor position in these references.

  1. Against “Possibilist” Interpretations of Climate Models. Philosophy of Science. 2023 Dethier, Corey

    Communication of uncertainties, Probability & possibility, Reliability & uncertainty

  2. Calibrating statistical tools: Improving the measure of Humanity's influence on the climate. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A. 2022 Dethier, Corey

    Attribution, Fingerprint studies

  3. When is an ensemble like a sample? “Model-based” inferences in climate modeling. Synthese. 2022 Dethier, Corey

    Ensemble methods, Reliability & uncertainty

  4. Climate Models and the Irrelevance of Chaos. Philosophy of Science. 2021 Dethier, Corey

    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty