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Persons » Richard Bradley

References (4)

The person ‘Richard Bradley’ is mentioned in author or editor position in these references.

  1. Making Confident Decisions with Model Ensembles. Philosophy of Science. 2021 Roussos, Joe, Bradley, Richard, Frigg, Roman

    Decision-making, Ensemble methods

  2. Combining probability with qualitative degree-of-certainty metrics in assessment. Climatic Change. 2018 Helgeson, Casey, Bradley, Richard, Hill, Brian

    Communication of uncertainties, Reliability & uncertainty

  3. Climate Change Assessments: Confidence, Probability, and Decision. Philosophy of Science. 2017 Bradley, Richard, Helgeson, Casey, Hill, Brian

    Communication of uncertainties, Decision-making, Reliability & uncertainty

  4. Making Climate Decisions. Philosophy Compass. 2015 Bradley, Richard, Steele, Katie

    Decision-making, Reliability & uncertainty