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References (5)

References published this year, ordered by earliest, online or print, publication date.

  1. Expert judgment in climate science: How it is used and how it can be justified. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A. 2023 Majszak, Mason M., Jebeile, Julie

    Communication of uncertainties, Expert judgement, Values

  2. Machine learning and the quest for objectivity in climate model parameterization. Climatic Change. 2023 Jebeile, Julie, Lam, Vincent, Majszak, Mason M., Räz, Tim

    Calibration/tuning, Expert judgement, Values

  3. Usability of climate information: Toward a new scientific framework. WIREs Climate Change. 2023 Jebeile, Julie, Roussos, Joe

    Communication of uncertainties, Decision-making, Values

  4. Against “Possibilist” Interpretations of Climate Models. Philosophy of Science. 2023 Dethier, Corey

    Communication of uncertainties, Probability & possibility, Reliability & uncertainty

  5. Representing storylines with causal networks to support decision making: Framework and example. 2023 Kunimitsu, Taro, Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina, Ciullo, Alessio, Sillmann, Jana, Shepherd, Theodore G., Taner, Mehmet Ümit, van den Hurk, Bart

    Adaptation, Decision-making