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References (19)

References published this year, ordered by earliest, online or print, publication date.

  1. Missing the Forest for the Fish: How Much Does the ‘Hawkmoth Effect’ Threaten the Viability of Climate Projections? Philosophy of Science. 2016 Goodwin, William M., Winsberg, Eric

    Hawkmoth effect, Reliability & uncertainty

  2. The Diversity of Model Tuning Practices in Climate Science. Philosophy of Science. 2016 Steele, Katie, Werndl, Charlotte

    Confirmation & evaluation, Confirmational holism

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    A discussion of what is dubbed the “intuitive position” of calibration and confirmation of climate models. In short, this position states, the tuning of a model directly influences the evaluation of said model, as a result the values used to tune the model cannot be used in the model’s evaluation. Steele and Werndl focus on the diversity of formal calibration methods and how the different perspectives relate to the intuitive position.

  3. Expert Judgment for Climate Change Adaptation. Philosophy of Science. 2016 Thompson, Erica, Frigg, Roman, Helgeson, Casey

    Expert judgement, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Climate change communication, Communication of uncertainties, Communication of uncertainties, Reliability & uncertainty, Values

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    Theoretical foundations, Variability

  6. The trouble with negative emissions. Science. 2016 Anderson, Kevin, Peters, Glen

    Carbon Dioxyde Removal (CDR)

  7. Managing the carbon rift: Social metabolism, geoengineering and climate capitalism. 2016 Sapinski, Jean Philippe


  8. The Risk of Using Inductive Risk to Challenge the Value-Free Ideal. Philosophy of Science. 2016 de Melo-Martín, Inmaculada, Intemann, Kristen

    Inductive risk, Values

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    Data, Reanalysis, Reliability & uncertainty

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    Data, Proxies

  11. On Defining Climate and Climate Change. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 2016 Werndl, Charlotte

    Climate & climate change, Theoretical foundations

    Full textCitesCited by

    An outline of the ongoing debate regarding how to properly provide a definition of climate and climate change. Werndl first systematizes the debate by providing five desiderata that a proper definition of climate should follow. Ultimately, a number of candidates for a definition are discussed and Werndl argues that a definition focusing on a distribution over time for regimes of varying external conditions is the most promising as it meets all five desiderata.

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    Confirmation & evaluation, Hawkmoth effect

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    Expert judgement

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    Attribution, Ensemble methods, Robustness

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    Abrupt changes & tipping points

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    Value-free ideal

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    Probability & possibility, Reliability & uncertainty

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