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Persons » Marina Baldissera Pacchetti ORCID

References (5)

The person ‘Marina Baldissera Pacchetti’ is mentioned in author or editor position in these references.

  1. Varieties of approaches to constructing physical climate storylines: A review. WIREs Climate Change. 2023 Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina, Coulter, Liese, Dessai, Suraje, Shepherd, Theodore G., Sillmann, Jana, van den Hurk, Bart

    Climate change communication, Climate information distillation, Storylines, Values

  2. Representing storylines with causal networks to support decision making: Framework and example. Climate Risk Management. 2023 Kunimitsu, Taro, Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina, Ciullo, Alessio, Sillmann, Jana, Shepherd, Theodore G., Taner, Mehmet Ümit, van den Hurk, Bart

    Adaptation, Decision-making, Storylines

  3. Toward a U.K. Climate Service Code of Ethics. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 2022 Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina, Schacher, Jillian, Dessai, Suraje, Bruno Soares, Marta, Lawlor, Rob, Daron, Joseph

    Adaptation, Climate services

  4. Assessing the quality of state-of-the-art regional climate information: the case of the UK Climate Projections 2018. Climatic Change. 2021 Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina, Dessai, Suraje, Stainforth, David A., Bradley, Seamus

    Adaptation, Adequacy-for-purpose, Climate information distillation, Probability & possibility

  5. Structural uncertainty through the lens of model building. Synthese. 2020 Baldissera Pacchetti, Marina

    Parameterization, Reliability & uncertainty, Structural model error