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Persons » Ilona M. Otto ORCID

References (2)

The person ‘Ilona M. Otto’ is mentioned in author or editor position in these references.

  1. Earth system modeling with endogenous and dynamic human societies: the copan:CORE open World–Earth modeling framework. Earth System Dynamics. 2020 Donges, Jonathan F., Heitzig, Jobst, Barfuss, Wolfram, Wiedermann, Marc, Kassel, Johannes A., Kittel, Tim, Kolb, Jakob J., Kolster, Till, Müller-Hansen, Finn, Otto, Ilona M., Zimmerer, Kilian B., Lucht, Wolfgang

    Social Tipping Points

  2. Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth’s climate by 2050. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2020 Otto, Ilona M., Donges, Jonathan F., Cremades, Roger, Bhowmik, Avit, Hewitt, Richard J., Lucht, Wolfgang, Rockström, Johan, Allerberger, Franziska, McCaffrey, Mark, Doe, Sylvanus S. P., Lenferna, Alex, Morán, Nerea, van Vuuren, Detlef P., Schellnhuber, Hans Joachim

    Climate-policy, Social Tipping Points