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Containers » Perspectives on Science

References (5)

These references are contained in ‘Perspectives on Science’.

  1. Two Exploratory Uses for General Circulation Models in Climate Science. Perspectives on Science. 2021 Wilson, Joseph

    Understanding & explanation

  2. Value-Free yet Policy-Relevant? The Normative Views of Climate Scientists and Their Bearing on Philosophy. Perspectives on Science. 2020 Gundersen, Torbjørn

    Inductive risk, Value-free ideal

  3. Facing the Credibility Crisis of Science: On the Ambivalent Role of Pluralism in Establishing Relevance and Reliability. Perspectives on Science. 2017 Carrier, Martin

    Reliability & uncertainty

  4. Who's Afraid of Dissent? Addressing Concerns about Undermining Scientific Consensus in Public Policy Developments. Perspectives on Science. 2014 de Melo-Martín, Inmaculada, Intemann, Kristen

  5. Simulation and Understanding in the Study of Weather and Climate. Perspectives on Science. 2014 Parker, Wendy S.

    Confirmation & evaluation, Understanding & explanation