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References (3)

These references are contained in ‘Meteorologische Zeitschrift’.

  1. How understanding causal relations counts in criticising arguments against anthropogenic global climate change. Meteorologische Zeitschrift. 2014 Bodenmann, Tom, Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude

    Understanding & explanation

  2. Perceiving, explaining, and observing climatic changes: An historical case study of the "year without a summer" 1816. Meteorologische Zeitschrift. 2011 Bodenmann, Tom, Brönnimann, Stefan, Hadorn, Gertrude Hirsch, Krüger, Tobias, Weissert, Helmut

    Understanding & explanation

  3. Conceiving Meteorology as the exact science of the atmosphere: Vilhelm Bjerknes's paper of 1904 as a milestone. Meteorologische Zeitschrift. 2009 Gramelsberger, Gabriele

    Reliability & uncertainty