Seminar Spring 2023

Philosophical issues in modeling climate change

Stefan Brönnimann, Ralf Hand, Vincent Lam, Mason Majszak.

Friday, 14:15-16:00, Room 002, GIUB, Hallerstrasse 12

2023–03–03 Introduction & overview of climate modelling

A: Müller, P. (2010). Constructing Climate Knowledge With Computer Models. WIREs Climate Change, 1: 565–580. Full text

2023–03–17 Climate modelling: uncertainty and evaluation

A: Parker, W. (2010). Whose Probabilities? Predicting Climate Change with Ensembles of Models. Philosophy of Science 77: 985–999.Full text

A: Katzav, J. et al. (2021). On the appropriate and inappropriate uses of probability distributions in climate projections and some alternatives. Climatic Change, 169: 15. Full text

2023-03-24 Climate model tuning

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2023–04–21 Values in climate science

A: Intemann, K. (2015) Distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate values in climate modeling. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 5: 217–232. Full text

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2023–05-05 Climate data

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2023-05-26 Tipping points in earth systems

A: Lam, V. and Majszak, M. (2022). Climate tipping points and expert judgement. WIREs Climate Change, 3:e805. Full text

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2023–06–02 Social responsibility of scientists and their role in policy making

A: Oreskes, N. (2020). What Is the Social Responsibility of Climate Scientists? Daedalus, 149: 33-45. Full text

A: Supran, G., Rahmstorf, N. and Oreskes, N. (2023). Assessing ExxonMobil’s global warming projections. Science, 379: eabk0063. Full text

Background readings

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