Seminar Spring 2020

Philosophical issues in modeling climate change

Organized by Julie Jebeile, Ralf Hand, Vincent Lam, Jakob Zscheischler.


Uni Mittelstrasse 43, Seminarraum 324, 14:15–16:00.
Except on the 2020–04–24: Seminarraum 124.

2020–02–21 Introduction & overview of climate modelling

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2020–03–06 Uncertainty in climate change projections

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2020–03–13 Climate model evaluation

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2020–03–20 Values in climate science

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2020–04-03 Attribution of climate change and climate extremes

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2020–04–24 Climate change and ethical issues

Change of venue: Seminarraum 124

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2020–05–15 Adaptation and regional climate modeling

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Background readings

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