Seminar autumn 2020

Philosophy of science perspectives on the climate challenge


14:15-16:00 Room F-113, Unitobler, 36 Lerchenweg.

Some of the sessions will be held online, contact Julie Jebeile for access information.

Background readings

Frigg, R., Thompson, E. & Werndl, C. (2015). Philosophy of Climate Science Part I: Observing Climate Change. Philosophy Compass 10/12, 953–964. Full text

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2020–09–24 Introduction & overview

Parker, W. (2018). Climate Science. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Summer 2018 Edition. Full text

2020–10–01 Definition of climate

Werndl, C. (2016). On Defining Climate and Climate Change. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 67 (2), 337-364. Full text

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2020–10–08 (online) Confirmation of models

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2020–10–15 Ethics of climate change

Invited speaker: Michel Bourban, University of Warwick.

Bourban, M. (2020) Promoting Justice in Global Climate Policies. In book: Routledge Handbook on the Political Economy of the Environment. Publisher: Routledge.

2020–10–22 (online) Values in climate services

Invited speaker: Greg Lusk, Michigan State University

Lusk, G. (2020). Political Legitimacy in the Democratic View: The Case of Climate Services. Philosophy of Science. Full text

Parker, W. and Lusk, G. (2019). Incorporating User Values into Climate Services. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 100(9), 1643-1650. Full text

2020–10–29 (online) History of climate change

Invited speaker: Dania Achermann, Bergische University Wuppertal.

Heymann, M. and Achermann, D. (2018). From Climatology to Climate Science in the 20th Century. In Sam White, Christian Pfister, and Franz Mauelshagen (eds.). Palgrave Handbook of Climate History, Palgrave MacMillan UK. Full text

2020–11–05 (online) Holism in models

Invited speaker: Johannes Lenhard, Technische Universität Kaiserlautern.

Lenhard, J. (2018). Holism, or the Erosion of Modularity: A Methodological Challenge for Validation. Philosophy of Science, 85(5), 832-844. Full text

2020–11–12 (online) Machine learning in climate science

Invited speaker: Suzanne Kawamleh, Indiana University.

Kawamleh, S. (2020). Can machines learn clouds? The Epistemic Implications of Machine Learning Methods in Climate Science. Philosophy of Science.

2020–11–19 (online) Climate tipping points

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2020–11–26 (online) Structural uncertainty

Invited speaker: Marina Baldissera Pacchetti, University of Leeds.

Baldissera Pacchetti, M. (2020). Structural uncertainty through the lens of model building. Synthese. Full text

2020–12–03 (online) Model robustness

Lloyd, E. (2015) Model robustness as a confirmatory virtue: the case of climate science. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 49, pp. 58-68. Full text

Winsberg, E. (2018). What does robustness teach us in climate science: a re-appraisal. Synthese. Full text

2020–12–10 (online) Decisions with model ensembles

Invited speaker: Joe Roussos, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm.

Roussos, J. and Bradley, R. and Frigg, R. (2020) Making confident decisions with model ensembles. Philosophy of science. Full text

2020–12–17 (online) Discussion and conclusion